The Venture unit is celebrating the completion of its second year in existance by establishing itself not only as a force to be reckoned with in the District but also at County level; this claim substantiated as holders of the 'County Flag' and 'Commissioners Bell' as overall winners of a county hike competition.

New to the Health and Beauty scene is Debbie Hinchley, a farmer's daughter from Epperstone.

Visiting Southwell for the first time, the Archbishop of York, Dr. John Habgood, was greeted with a fanfare as he entered the Minster to celebrate the founding of the Southwell Dioceses on the Feast of Candlemas 100 years ago.

Southwell has enjoyed a successful season so far on and off the rugby field. The 1st team, led be captain John Latham, is now through to the semi-finals of the County Cup and Saturday fixtures have also seen good results with seven wins from eight games.

So the wintry weather has had a devestating effect yet again on the football fixtures throughout the land. Snow and ice have recently forced the pools panel to sit and deliberate over what might have been and decide whether or not hundreds of thousands of pounds shall change some fortunate punter's lifestyle.