The Boy Who fell into a Book

Wednesday, 6th September 2017 : 6th to 9th September

"Books are Dangerous Things!" so says Kevin – the "BOY WHO FELL INTO A BOOK". One minute, 10-year-old Kevin is in bed, reading the exploits of sock-it-to-'em private investigator ROCKFIST SLIM; the next, he is trapped inside a disused industrial oven alongside his hero. The mismatched pair set out on a series of adventures through the books on Kevin's shelves, meeting well-known childrens' characters along the way!! Will Kevin and Rockfist Slim defeat the enemies? Will Kevin ever get back to his bedroom? Come along to Nottingham Arts Theatre from 6th-9th September – Tickets available from Box Office 0115 9476096 or

Event Location: Nottingham Arts Theatre

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