Churches Together Ladies Choir

The Churches Together Choir doesn't have regular once a week practices like other choirs but just gets together for rehearsals when they are invited to sing at a church service.

The Choir was set up originally to lead the singing at the Women's World Day of Prayer with about 20 members. There are now over 50 members, some not regular church goers, who just enjoy singing together. We usually sing about 3 times a year at Carol services in other churches or at Festival services in the Minster. The Women's World Day of Prayer service, which is prepared by a different country each year, is always very enjoyable as we sing songs from other counties and learn about the customs of a new country each year. New members are always welcome.

For further information please phone Gwen Bragg (Choir Leader) on 01636 812527.

Contact Person: Gwen Bragg
01636 812527