Upton Church Flower Festival

Sunday, 25th July 2021 :

Hopefully, we will be out of lockdown by Sunday 25th July as Upton Church is planning a special event. This is to be a flower festival but very much more, a celebration of the revival of all those social and entertainment activities we hold most dear. In church and in the village hall there will be exhibits, yes flowers but also work by our wonderful artists and photographers and lots of lively information and display from our organisations. Taking part to date are the Gardening Club, the Co-operative which provides coffee mornings and lunches for villagers, the Cricket Club, the Horological Museum, the Women’s Institute, the Parish Council, the Hopbarn and the Little Crickets. Tea will be served in the Village Hall on Sunday afternoon, Derek Hall will play jolly tunes on the organ in the afternoon and the church will be open every day all week from Sunday 25th July. We look forward to welcoming lots of visitors who may have thought Upton was dead during these last terrible months. We assure you there is life and life abundantly here in Upton. More information contact Barbara Page on 01636 813812.