Heinz Frommann Exhibition

Friday, 20th July 2018 :

A collection of Heinz Frommann’s recent paintings are currently being exhibited at Southwell Library and will be on show until 30th July. Featured are six oils depicting an historical/spiritual link to our native trees as seen through the eyes of our ancestors.  Heinz explains: “They are a selection from sixteen paintings featuring in my book 'Aurora' to be published later this year.  It is a short novel describing a 'coming of age' journey and what we can learn from the trees' more esoteric legacy.  It starts with the birch (the shortest lived) and ends with the yew (the longest lived). “My art work tries to capture that aspect of experience which is hardest to express in words.  The boundary between order and chaos is what makes the workings of nature so fascinating!”

Event Location: Southwell Library