Home is Where My heart Is

Tuesday, 20th August 2019 : 20th to 31st Aug

Anni's exhibition 'Home is Where My Heart is' will be showing from Tuesday 20 August until Saturday 31 August. The Swedish music artist and painter Anni Thorn (aka Annika Cawthorn) is renewing her links with the town this August when she exhibits her latest works at Gallery 6. The exhibition will also mark the release of her first solo album, 'Crazy Duchess'. Anni graduated in Art and Design at Nottingham Trent University, and for 10 years ran The Lord Nelson pub in Winthorpe. She has always maintained strong links with the area since returning to Sweden in 1999, where she worked as a lecturer at the Mid Sweden University, and was recently commissioned to undertake two paintings that now hang in Winthorpe House.

Event Location: Gallery 6, Newark