From Myths to Mesopotamia

Monday, 16th April 2018 : 7.30pm

Historian Daryl Baxter's next course will be ' Between Two Rivers – tales of Assyriology and Mesopotamia'. Six thousand years ago in an area of land between two rivers inhabited by a collection of various cultures an extraordinary confluence of ideas, climate, land fertility and ingenuity combined to produce the beginning of civilisation. From this Fertile Crescent came the rise of the City, the invention of writing, the wheel, tools, weapons, beer, wine, the demarcation of time in units we still use, religious rites, the sail, irrigation, together with agriculture and the domestication of animals. Mesopotamia was a hugely important area and still affects our lives today. The course begins on Monday 16th April 16th at 7.30pm at Southwell Methodist Church. Do come and explore this fascinating and thought provoking subject in a relaxed and informal class. Contact Daryl Baxter on 07929 891952.

Event Location: Southwell Methodist Church