After being based at antique centres in Newark and Lincoln, local resident Ben Mepham is opening a new shop in Bull Yard - for those who still prefer browsing to surfing.

The main aim of Gladstone Books, named after the prominent 19th century politician and bibliophile (elected MP for Newark when only 23) is to offer reasonably-priced, quality books for discerning readers.

There is some specialisation in history, philosophy, theology, essays, poetry, politics, sociology and the various sciences. But the collection also includes other subjects, e.g. classical and modern fiction, biographies, natural history, medicine, technology, agriculture, gardening, local studies, and various arts and crafts.

Gladstone Books is NOT a registered charity, but the proprietor has made a personal commitment to donate all profits to UNICEF, which addresses global problems of child poverty and malnutrition that annually cause 10 million deaths and much additional suffering.