Drum Beat Fit is a unique and fun way to work up a sweat, burn calories and meet some lovely local people.

Inspired by drumming, in this innovative class you squat, skip, lunge and jump whilst drumming to the beat of the music on swiss exercise balls. It's so much fun you forget you're exercising!

Lisa, 35, Drum Beat Fit founder explains: '"There are so many physical and psychological benefits of exercise but many people avoid it because they simply don't enjoy it, I'm hoping with Drum Beat Fit I can show people that they can have fun and get fit at the same time."

Sue Pringle of Burton Joyce gave the class a try and said: ''It's the first exercise class I've done in ages so I was slightly unsure what to expect but the hour flew by with a big daft smile on my face, loved it!"

Lisa goes on to explain: "People can be apprehensive initially as they are not confident in their fitness ability or are concerned they lack rhythm but they come along and really enjoy themselves."

It's an accessible class for any age, gender or fitness ability and what's even better is your first class is free!

Classes currently take place on a Monday evening at Southwell Minster School with more classes being added based on demand.
For more information visit www.drumbeatfit.co.uk, find us on Facebook or contact Lisa on 07581244270.