The Corps of the Royal Engineers are undertaking a two week job to re-lay the worn stone path leading to the west door of Southwell Minster.

Thousands of feet over hundreds of years have trodden the path to the ancient cathedral and 15 Army Reserves – men and women - have been drafted in from places as far apart as Brighton and Hull to do the job.

Military Plant Forman, WO2 Darren Winter is in charge of the operation. He said:  "We have an architect and an archaeologist on site and have already found some interesting objects. The old worn slabs are being replaced by new York stone, replicating a design used by Minster stonemason, Keith Lipton. There's 180 sq metres of the stuff to lay so we're hoping for sunshine throughout!"

This is the last job the regiment will complete before they re-structure into an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) and Search Squadron. They are based out of Foresters House, Chilwell and recruit from the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas. For further information about the unit, please contact the PSAO, Capt Gamar Gurung on 01159 008649.