Nottingham County Council's Planning and Licensing Committee has approved the application to build an Incinerator on the former colliery site in Bilsthorpe.

The motion was carried following a 5 to 4 vote, with two Councillors abstaining. The decision was made at the planning meeting held on Tuesday 18th November at Kelham Hall following more than four hours of debate, questions and presentations against the proposal from local Parish Councils, Councillors John Peck, Roger Jackson and Linda Tift, Mark Spencer MP and local residents.

RAGE was hugely disappointed by the result as they felt that the Councillors had been given enough reasons to go against the planning officer's recommendation to approve. Their objections include the increase in traffic on local roads which are already accident hot spots, impact on the health of residents in Bilsthorpe and surrounding villages and the industrialisation of a rural village in the heart of Nottinghamshire's tourism district.

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government [Eric Pickles] has instructed Nottinghamshire County Council not to complete granting planning permission, so he can take a closer look. We are asking locals to write to Mr Pickles to urge him to 'Call in' this application which would lead to an Inquiry. For details about how you can do this please go to