"Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning you've depended on more than half the world". (Martin Luther King, 1967) Even now the people who grow the food can't always feed their families. Fairtrade means paying them a fair price.

Join us in using Fairtrade produce during this year's Fairtrade Fortnight, from 28th February until 13th March. Our aim is to get everyone to have a Fairtrade drink and eat a piece of fairlytraded food, such as Fairtrade fruit - bananas, oranges, a Fairtrade biscuit or even a bowl of Fairtrade breakfast cereal!

In Southwell Library on Saturday 5th March, we will be holding a Fairtrade coffee morning between 10 am - 12 midday. Many businesses in Southwell will also be promoting Fairtrade produce, such as the Tea Room at Southwell Garden Centre. Perhaps you could host your own event! Take a photo and send it to us at www.southwellfairtradetown.org

Help Fairtrade producers and make your breakfast count!