A list of the winners for the Nottinghamshire Federation WIs Bramley Apple Festival 

Class Title Winners

Traditional Bramley Apple Pie WI members only

1 Trudy Brokenshire
2 Kath Yates
3 Marie Langdon

Traditional Bramley Apple Pie, open to all

1 Cynthia Murday
2 Sue Beckett
3 Sue Beckett

An Apple recipe using yeast 

1 Margaret Dugan

An Apple Cake 

1 Margaret Dugan
2 Cynthia Murday
3 Elizabeth Banks

Apple Preserve

1Margaret Dugan
2Elizabeth Banks

3 Apples on a plate

1Jean Marshall
2Jean Marshall
3 Jean Marshall

Men Only, An Apple Dessert 

1 Peter Foss

WIs only, Tea for the Speaker

1 Radcliffe on Trent
2 East Bridgford
3 Laxton

A Greetings Card with an Apple Theme

1 Carol Crix
2 Elizabeth Banks
3 Marie Langdon

Mounted photograph with an Apple Theme (adults and children over 16 years)

1 Jan Ridgway
2 Sue Beckett

Unmounted photograph with an Apple Theme (adults and children over 16years)

1 Sue Beckett
2 Carol Crix
3 Jan Ridgway

Photograph with an Apple Theme (children under 16 years)

1 Kitty Haworth

4 Decorated Biscuits with an apple theme (children 3-7 years)

1 Penny Howes
2 Toby Pitchford
3 Florence Smith

A Birthday Card for Happy Apple (children 3-7 years)

1 Iris Hardie
2 Nyla Gallaghan
3 Posy Saxton

A birthday Card with an apple theme (a computer may be used) (children 8 – 13 years)

1 Marcus Smoczyk

WI Star Baker (overall WI winner from classes 1a, 1c and1d)
Trudy Brokenshire Netherfield & District