The first project to help reduce flooding in the town has been completed by Josh Wells, a PhD student at NTU Brackenhurst who is working with hydrologist Dr Jillian Labadz and the Environment Agency, together with Stuart Smith (Smith JCB Hire of Southwell) who has dug long and hard in difficult circumstances to complete the works before the winter rains.

Natural flood management (NFM) works with the flow processes to retain and slow water within the upper catchment, delaying its arrival in the town. There are also wider environmental benefits. Meanders have been put into Springfield Dumble, five earth bunds created in field corners and ten debris dams in the Dumble which together will slow the flow into Potwell Dyke.

Further NFM projects will take place across the upper catchment in due course. A key focus of Josh's project has been working with the community, Southwell Flood Forum, the Environment Agency and Nottinghamshire County Council. Stuart Smith worked at a subsidised rate and the first community contribution from Southwell Flood Fund has paid for an electromagnetic flow meter, for measuring the flows in the dumble and is an essential component of the project. It will also be used with other NFM projects.

There will be a talk by Jillian Labadz and Josh Wells on NFM and this exciting project, at 7.30 pm on Thursday 2nd February at Southwell Library. Donations to Southwell Flood Fund. For further information tel: 01636 819233. visit: