OVER 1,000 people joined the Sport Aid "Race Against Time" in Southwell on Sunday 25th May. Organisers Bill Johnson, Paul Best, Jim Munro and Tony Warwick were delighted with the magnificent response, particularly as the idea and organisation for the Southwell race was only conceived a week before the actual event.

THE cheerful crowd pictured are the mainstays of the not-so successful-this-season Ladies Squash team!

TWO children from Lowe's Wong Junior school, Simon Forshaw and Kate Hurst, attended Southwell Parish Council's March meeting to be congratulated on their winning designs for a Parish Council Logo.

PICTURED above are the winners of the Southwell Cubs 6-a-side football competition, held at Southwell Leisure Centre on Sunday 23rd February, 1986. They are the Monday Pack 'B' team - Christopher Borrowdale, Andrew Mcintosh, Peter McGlone, Matthew Russell, Samuel Tate, Mark Flanagan and Adam Edwards.

The fight to keep Kirklington School open continued as soon as the Christmas Break was over. In a series of events Kirklington parents and school supporters increased their pressure on the Education Authority in their efforts to dissuade the County Council from closing the village school.