In March, 55 members competed in our Annual Restricted Singles Tournament.

Some hotly contested matches produced the following winners and runners up in the girls' competition: U10 Rosie Wood and Rosie Hardwick; U12 Heather Collins and Hope Sommers; U14 Emma Hooper and Eleanor Collins; U16 Heather Walker and Sophie Morley; U18 Rachel Cutts and Fran Baisley. The boys' competition also saw some good play. Winners and runners up were: U10 Matthew Hooper and Sam Ware; U12 Michael Penn and Owen Williams (pictured); U14 James Wade and Oliver Stewart; U16 Adam Mullen and Dan Whaley.

Our club sessions continue on Saturday mornings between 9am and 1pm. The club is keen to welcome younger-aged children who are interested in taking up this demanding and competitive sport. Previous experience is not necessary, and boys and girls from School Years 3, 4 and 5 would be welcome for trials, subject to places being available. We are currently operating a waiting list for School Years 6, 7 and upwards.

For further information contact Alex Fenton on 01949 20417 or see our website at

Jane Pillinger